Wisconsin Fine Wine

Hi Wine Enthusiasts,

My mother used to say that “wine is the story of the world, just in nice packaging.” She was infrequently wrong, and this was not one of those moments. As a wine and culinary savant, she passed all her information onto me. My name is John Hart and I was born in Chicago, Illinois where I fell in love with the entire wining experience. In my early years I was often the chef of the household. By eighteen, I had started working at a local bistro. At twenty-one, my mother began showing me how to properly pair foods with wine.

After college, I moved to Paris for two years where I assisted over fifty vineyards in every step of the wine process. When my travels were complete, I took up a position with Wine Source in Nashotah, Wisconsin. I now assist new restaurants all over the country in building their custom wine selections. I’ve dedicated my life to picking apart the eccentricities of the vine. From old world to new world, I’m obsessed with everything wine.

This blog is a place to share that obsession. I’ll be breaking down the myths and facts surrounding wine, from tannins to sauternes, this website is a one stop shop for grape expertise. Beginning with the hard and true rule that it’s never about the price of the wine, but what goes into it. The same can be said for this blog. I will only ever provide useful tricks and instructions that help my readers indulge in the absolute best experience wine has to offer.

If you have any questions, please check out my contact page and always be on the lookout for fresh written content.

John Hart